Supply, fabrication and installation of: Natural Stone, Crystallised Glass, Nano Glass, Sandstone, Terrazzo, Reconstituted Stones, Mosaics and Ceramics in all types, finishes, sizes and shapes.



– Internal Stone Cladding
– External Facades (high/low rise Cladding)
– Paving
– Lift Lobbies
– Column Cladding/Tiling
– Stair Cases
– Wet areas (Bathrooms, Laundries)
– Joinery Stoneworks (Kitchen Benchtops, Vanity Tops,  Bath Surrounds, Reception, Counter, Bar Tops, Planter Boxes)

  • pe-32
    40mm Double Half Bull Nose Edge
  • pe-31
    40mm Lamb Tongue Edge with Chamfer
  • pe-30
    40mm Lamb Tongue Edge
  • pe-29
    40mm with Top Rebate Bull Nose Edge
  • pe-28
    40mm with Top Rebate Pencil Edge
  • pe-27
    40mm with V Rebate Edge
  • pe-26
    80mm Mitre with V Rebate Edge
  • pe-25
    80mm Mitre with Square Rebate Edge
  • pe-24
    40mm Square Edge with Stainless Steel Insert
  • pe-23
    40mm Bull Nose with Brass Insert
  • pe-22
    100mm Mitre with Pencil Edgee
  • pe-21
    20mm Bull Nose Edge
  • pe-20
    20mm Pencil Edge
  • pe-19
    30mm Pencil Edge
  • pe-18
    30mm 20/10 Bull Nose Edge
  • pe-17
    40mm Mitre Apron with Pencil Edge
  • pe-16
    30mm Rounded Chamfer Edge
  • pe-14
    40mm Rounded Chamfer Edge
  • pe-13
    20mm Half Bull Nose Edge
  • pe-12
    40mm Bull Nose Edge
  • pe-11
    40mm Bull Nose Chamfered Edge
  • pe-10
    40mm Shark Nose Edge
  • pe-09
    80mm Apron Mitre Pencil Edge
  • pe-08
    80mm Apron with Chamfer Butt Joint
  • pe-07
    20mm 20/10 Chamfer Edge
  • pe-06
    60mm Apron with Chamfer
  • pe-05
    80mm Apron with Chamfer Mitred Edge
  • pe-04
    20mm 20/20 chamfer edge
  • pe-03
    20mm Square Edgee
  • pe-02
    40mm Square Edge
  • pe-01
    40mm Thick 30/10 Chamfer Edgee