From the modest beginnings back in 1985 as Deemah Tiles Pty Ltd, Raymond Bechara quickly established himself as being able to provide a high level of personalised service to his ever-growing clientele.


In only its initial years of operation, and with a rapidly growing stone industry in Australia, the company fused into Deemah Marble & Granite Pty Ltd in 1987 and soon became the leading stone company in the state of NSW (Australia).


In 1991, Raymond’s foresight highlighted an opportunity overseas, in particular South East Asia. With the operations well planted in NSW, Deemah Pte Ltd (Singapore) was established by 1992.


By accumulating a wealth of experienced and talented staff in the industry over the years, the company has proven that it can successfully compete against other international stone contractors, evidenced by the completion of many multi-million dollar projects both in Australia and in overly competitive Asian market.


The team of Project Managers, Estimators, Supervisors and supporting staff, most of whom have been with the company for over two decades, together with the company’s ability to integrate local tradespeople and subcontractors, have contributed to the growth and successful operations of the company both in Australia and abroad.


In 1997, Rhonda and Elias Melhem, both an integral part of Deemah Marble & Granite, decided to commence their own stone company, Original Stone Pty Ltd, to specifically target the domestic market and smaller commercial projects from a diverse group of Builders and Developers. They too, soon established an enviable reputation in the industry.


In July 2005, Raymond Bechara, Rhonda and Elias Melhem merged to create Deemah Stone Pty Ltd with the aim of consolidating plant, machinery, resources and staff. Together, both Raymond Bechara and Elias Melhem have over 40 years’ experience in the stone industry and have completed a vast array of projects from a diverse group of builders and developers.


The company’s long term vision and foresight, combined with the status of worldwide economy instigated another expansion. In 2007, The Company started investigating new opportunities in the UAE, through some already established overseas connections as well as locally based contacts. A local company, Deemah Stone LLC, was established, which was manned by a small local team, while managed and supported by the Sydney office.


Travel between Sydney and Dubai was all too frequent for Raymond and other Sydney staff members. These efforts paid off and the new company secured its first contract, and soon had firm feet in the market. This lead to more contracts and eventually the need for staff growth. Key Sydney staff were relocated to Dubai, and were supplemented by local administrative and managerial professionals.


Deemah Stone LLC has been running for 8 years now, Deemah Stone Marble & Tile Works LLC and Deemah Stone Qatar have joined the original local company in tackling some of the more prestigious projects in the region, supported by capable and experienced staff as well as fabrication facilities in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Qatar.


Works undertaken have incorporated all facets of internal and external stonework, including stone cladding to high-rise buildings and specialised paving works. The company has not forgotten its past and is still very active in all types of tiling works and associated ancillaries. Such work has led the company to also undertake a significant number of large terrazzo paving projects for commercial centres.


Due to the company’s disbelief in promoting a specific range of materials, it is able to procure stone products and tiles from all over the world. The company can be as dynamic in its procurement as required, sourcing products directly from the quarry and/or manufacturers. In many cases, it can offer clients alternative materials, equal to or better than those specified, at considerable cost savings.


Boasting a well-experienced and multicultural workforce, the company has proven that it can respond to any commercial challenge. The large computerised factories are all equipped with the latest machinery, ensuring consistent quality and productivity at competitive rates.


Over the past 29 years the company’s dynamic ability to diversify to the ever-changing demands of the building and construction industry, have been the catalyst for its continual development both in Australia and overseas.